Reflections on Scholarship Program (3)

- by Yang Meiju

In May, a prosperous and flourishing season, CCC organized an visit activity towards our lovely children with the help of Shangqiu church.


The greatest misfortune in childhood is the missing of paternal love, and some of them even become orphans. The disaster has no mercy, but human have, the three-day visit of Scholarship program is tense but well-organized, tired but happy. On the first day, volunteers came to Shangqiu from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei province etc, and classified gifts for children; On the second day, they took those children to park, have had western-style meal, and had a face-to-face talk, which made children feel the sweet caring; On the third day, the visit group went to children’s homes, brings gifts to those single family, which moved the family. So many scenes impressed me a lot.


I can’t forget the children bury their head in the collar for tenseness and shyness, when first attending the opening departure ceremony.

I can’t forget their faces boom into sunshine smiles when receiving colorful bags and school supplies.

I can’t forget their concentration in games when we have outward bound together in Forest Park.

When they had received school supplies, they started to draw blue sky, white clouds, house and love hearts, and also good prospect for future, which moved all the people present.


When we played a game, they moved their thin bodies in ragged clothes, and sung the lovely sound of nature even their faces are full of dusts, which amazed all people present.


When having western-style meals, their eyes sparkled in excitement; they picked up the cream cake even their mouths are still full, and when smelling the children legs, they eat with big bites, they are all in themselves, this really touched all of us.


However, when we were ready to leave, they become silent suddenly, ducked their head with tearing eyes. One child said “If only the sun could not go down! That will be the most wonderful time”, which touched our hearts again.


On one hand, the visit group walked into their life to understand them, especially the real environment of the family which can be only described as “four empty walls”, besides mottled walls, fragile beams, shabby chairs we can find no furniture or appliance. On the other hand, we told stories and outside world to amuse them with careful care, they realized there still is true love besides their parents and relatives by communicating with our visit group.


We realized that Scholarship Programs is not just the help from material and expense, but the encouragement and consolation from heart. Selfless dedication and sincerely help which are the traditional virtue of Chinese will become a great spiritual power that inspire students to study and live with enthusiasm and chase for a higher goal with hard struggle. At the same time, our nutrition of spirit will not only nourish those twenty children, but also more students.

Our visit activities not only reveal the great love and glory of God, but also improve the church in social visibility and reputation. Volunteers not only light up the twenty children’s future, but also hope of our society. Seeing so many people paid for children’s education and even care for spirit, I firmly believe hope and love in God’s home. As the child of God, we will spare no effort to Scholarship Program, and let more children get love from God and realize their dream!






Reflections on Scholarship Program (2) - by Ju Gensheng
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