Standardize School System and Improve Clergy Team

-- the Development of Hebei Bible Training School

Hebei Bible Training School was established in 1997, however, the loss of students used to happen in this school, resulting from the unclear school-running concept and poor management system. Under the care and support of CCC/TSPM and Hebei Christian Council,Hebei Bible Training School began to do some adjustments to improve the education system. After approved by SARA, Hebei Bible Training School officially became one of the formal Chinese Christian Schools. At present, there are around 80-100 students apply to Hebei Bible Training School each year, and the school will select 40-50 students according to the quality of candidates. Every year, about 4-8 students can be admitted to famous Seminaries, such as Nanjing Union Theological Seminary and Yanjing Theological Seminary.



The building purchase program supported by CCC/TSPM and Nethersole Fund helped the school to have more teaching space (38 rooms with 20 m2 each)




The pastoral training is a 2-year program, which has 5 sessions and each session last over 1 month with 50 students in one class who are the heads of churches across the province.


When the students first came to school, they did not know much about Christian and church management, only some basic knowledge. After the training, they made great progress in spirituality and management. Due to the fact that they do much better in church service, they can also preach more Christian better. In the aspect of management, they also realized that they should manage the church with emotion and the love for God.  In the aspect of spirituality, they used to think that ‘believe in God and you can have the key to the heaven’, after the training, they begin to think about how to share the God testimony and live with faith. In the aspect of resisting heresy, they used to have two tendencies: one tendency is that we do not need to attack each other because we all believe in God; and the other is that we should objective to the heresy unreasoning. After the training, they can point out the errors of the heresy and teach the Christian how to distinguish the heresy.



This training class makes the churches across the whole Hebei Province going on the track of sound progress. Pastor Li Lingen, the president of Hebei Bible Training School, said: We really appreciate CCC/TSPM and Nethersole Fund to help us to expand the school size; without their help, our school could not run this training class, and there is no way to gain these achievements.


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