Raise hope with love, fulfill the Christian faith

——Christian Orphanage in Zhao County of Hebei Province

On August 1st, 2012, Ms. Chen Yue, a social service department staff of CCC/TSPM came to Shijiazhuang (capital of Hebei Province) to investigate the project of the rehabilitation training room decoration and equipments installment in Christian Orphanage in Zhao County of Hebei province, which is financially supported by CCC/TSPM and Nethersole Fund.

With 71,000 RMB funding, CCC/TSPM and Nethersole Fund helped the orphanage to decorate the rehabilitation training room, paint the walls, lay floor tiles, install the heating equipments, refurbish toilets, and set up cupboard for the kitchen, etc.

At the same time, the wooden beds for the children are equipped, many other equipments specially for disabled children are installed as well. The project greatly improves the children’s living environment and provides good training surrounding for them.


before & after decoration


There’s a small town named Zhao County in the southeast of Shijiazhuang City of Hebei province. Along an shabby road of this county, you will find a very common gate, and when we walked into this door, a normal yard came into our eyes. We saw a lot of children playing on the ground; the elder children were playing the shooting game under the basketball stands, it seemed like the same as ordinary family in addition to the number of children. Though it is a small yard, it makes hope with love.

When they first opened the orphanage in 2001, the government had no related policy for the church-run orphanage, and they met a lot of obstruction from the local people, such as the ownership certificate and conflict between the orphanage and surrounding people who do not know church. Sisters and brothers kept praying and praying in tears, then the Lord know the difficulty and He also see their faith. Finally they had the official registration.


The children grow healthily in the new environment


In starting this orphanage, it’s like a home fulfilled with hope and love for these abandoned children. Some children are born with congenital heart disease or cheilopalatognathus, one child was sent to different people for 5 times from his birth to 4 years old. At last, he was sent to a brother in the church; however, the brother also has some difficulty in his work and economy, so he has to send the child to the orphanage. Although the child is very young, he is so smart and sensitive that the next day he began to call the president ‘father’, for he was afraid of being sent out again.

For now, the orphanage has helped 98 children in total, the age of them ranges from infant to more than 20 years old. This year, there are 5 children admitted into university, when the letter of admission came to the orphanage, everyone was delighted. 

Among the elder children, some of them have found their jobs, such as being a waiter in hotel, a cook or kindergarten teacher. We witnessed these abandoned children growing up in the love of God, and now they can stand on their own, every one of us has gratitude and praise to God.



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