The Second Briefing of Yiliang Earthquake Relief

In the morning of September 11th, the rescue team (headed by Rev. Yu Wenliang, the President of Yunnan Christian Council ) rushed to the disaster area from the downtown of Zhaotong City. And we arrived there after one and a half hours.



We spent another one hour on the way to Shumuke Natural Village, Huqiu Village, Luozehe Town, and we visited and comforted the affected people there. The rescue team also went to Lumao of Huqiu Village.




We bought 90 bags of rice in Luozehe Town in the afternoon. Then we brought rice to Xiaomiaodi, Longtan Village, the resettlement site of affected people, with a cart, and issued rice to the affected people with one bag weighing 25 kilograms for each family and encouraged them to live with courage and confidence. The rescue team came back to the accommodation place in urban Zhaotong at nine o’clock in the evening.




Appeal for Earthquake Relief
The Third Briefing of Yiliang Earthquake Relief