The Third Briefing of Yiliang Earthquake Relief

On 7 o’clock of the morning of September 12th, we started out towards the quake-hit area. After two hours on the road, we arrived at Fada Village, Jiaokui Town, Yiliang County where we had been on September 10th and crawled to Xinzhai natural viallage. The roads were muddy.



We reached Xinzhai after about one hour. The situations were serious. All houses were damaged and seven of them collapsed including the chapel in the village. Most villagers lived in the temporary tents. We visited the affected families one by one and presented them with 100 bags of rice (25 kilograms/bag), and 68 barrels of oil for food (5 L/barrel).




In the afternoon, we came back to the downtown area of the county and encountered landslides with large magnitude. We were trapped for two hours. After the road was smooth again, we rushed to Guandiping, Maoping Village, Luozehe Town and we arrived here at 6 o’clock in the evening. All the villagers sang to welcome us and expressed their gratitude. The houses were also damaged seriously. We distributed 83 bags of rice (25 kilograms/bag) to the affected people and encouraged them to live with courage and confidence.





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