The Fourth Briefing of Yiliang Earthquake Relief

On September 13rd, the rescue team went to Xiaomiaozhai, Huqiu Village, Luozehe Town. Most villagers could not sleep well because of the rainy day and earthquakes, and they all stayed outdoors. Those decrepit houses were planned to tear down in order to avoid casualties. We also felt earthquakes there. Since the shortage of tents, villagers set up tents themselves and we helped them.




The truck with relief supplies arrived at Lingdong Village at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Since Laobaoying Village was remote from the highway and the roads were blockaded, we distributed supplies along the highway. The villagers of Laobaoying were waiting at the road and received 55 bags of rice from the rescue team.


Then, we rushed to Damiaozhai, Longtan Village, Luozehe Town. Many houses were damaged including the chapel here. We visited the affected people and issued 110 bags of rice to them.








The Third Briefing of Yiliang Earthquake Relief
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