China Church-Run Elderly Home Service Seminar Had been Successfully Held in Harbin City

From Nov. 8th to 10th, the China church-run elderly home service seminar had been successfully held in Olive Mountain Education Base of Harbin in Heilongjiang Province. A total of 37 leaderships from 22 church-run elderly home in 9 provinces attended this seminar. Two experts from Mennonite Health Services Alliance, Mr. Larry (the CEO of Landis Homes) and Me. Ron (the CEO of Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community), shared their precious experiences together with the leaderships of Chinese elderly home.



In the 3-day seminar, four representatives of Chinese elderly homes introduced the operation and experiences of their homes, and at the same time, some of them shared the information of aging trend, elderly home operation model, the advantages and limitation of church-run elderly home, the development assumption of future development, etc.


After introduction of their elderly home operation, the experts extended the topics to the personnel management, communication, strategic planning, organization governance, volunteer work, and alliance, etc. the seminar adopted many ways including speech, material sharing, and group discussion which helped the leaderships of Chinese elderly home to learn more about the new concept and model of elderly home operation and paved a new road to the future work.



The seminar helps the Chinese and American elderly homes to learn from each other. The American experts better understand the aging trend and the church participation in the elderly home service through the sharing of Chinese representatives. At the same time, we also have better concept of elderly service and are encouraged by the development history of American church-run elderly home.





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