Lincang Church Conducted HIV/AIDS Propagation for AIDS Day of 2012

After the Sunday Service on the 2nd Dec, on which the Communion Service was provided and it was also the day after World AIDS Day, the staff of Social Ministry from Lincang Christian Council delivered the propagation on HIV/AIDS in the Mangpan Church of Lincang City.



The contents mainly included: the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Lincang, the 3 main routes of transmission, the “Three free services” policy issued by government (for people who are complied with 3 conditions can get free services from government: 1. offer free anti-virus medicines to AIDS patients who have economic difficulties and haven’t joined in the basic medical insurance or other medial security institution; 2. offer free counseling and primary screening to those who voluntarily accept the HIV/AIDS counseling and screening; 3. offer free medicine to pregnant women who are infected with HIV/AIDS virus for preventing the mother-to-child transmission and also offer free screening reagent to the infants) and spread this year’s theme for AIDS Day which is “Get to Zero”.



After the propagation, the staff distributed publicity materials on HIV/AIDS prevention, about 200 pamphlets and 50 posters were spread. The estimated coverage of day’s campaign would be over 1,000 people.


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