A donation ceremony in Mao Tian Primary School of Guizhou Province was successfully held

On April 13, 2017, a delegation made of 5 people and headed by Pastor Kan Baoping, the Vice President and Director-General of CCC and Pastor Shen Xuebin, the Vice President of TSPM, went to Mao Tian Primary School of Guizhou Province to participate in the donation ceremony.


Mao Tian Village is located in the northeastern part of Guizhou Province, the southeast foot of Ta-lou Mountains, more than 150 kilometers from Zunyi City. Because it is situated at the deep mountains, the roads here are mostly rough and rugged. Most villagers belong to Gelo minority ethnic group. They make a living on farming for generations. Due to limited material conditions, the children here have been studying in a difficult environment, they never know the world outside the mountains…



The donated items include 97 pairs of sports shoes, 300 books, a 3-meter desk (including 10 chairs), 2 sets of computer tables and chairs, a vertical air-conditioning, a laptop and 2 desktop computers.


The child is deserved to be taken care with love and concern. When seeing the bright smile of these children, we know that all the effort and dedication are worthwhile. Caring for children is for the future of the motherland. We expect that there would be more love sprinkled every corner of the mountains like the warm sunshine.





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账户名: 中国基督教协会

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