Reflections on Scholarship Program (2) - by Ju Gensheng
By communicating with brothers and sisters from all over this country, we got a clear understanding of true meaning of “Scholarship Program”, and the importance of the visit. I’m thankful to the message that Social Service Department of China Christian Council provides, the help from pastoral staff in Shangqiu church, and especially the kindness of the Lord Jesus giving us the willing heart to participate in charity.
Reflections on Scholarship Program (1) - by Zhang Jie
"My grace is sufficient for you." this is the verse I thought at that moment. Some time ago someone asked me: "if asked to summarize the Father in a single sentence, how would you describe it?" At that time I answered: "justice". But now I will answer: "Righteous". God is love and faith. He always gives me the best, like the visit trip to Shangqiu.
The Formal Opening of CCC Elderly Service Training in Hangzhou
On July 3rd, 2012, national-wide elderly service training courses opened in 7th floor of Hangzhou Christian YWCA, which is organized by Social Service Department of China Christian Council (CCC) and Hangzhou Christian Elderly Service Center.
The Graduation Ceremony of the First Session of "One Hundred Pairs of Good Parents Training" Held in Hefei Church
The first session of “One Hundred Pairs of Good Parents Training”, sponsored by China Christian Council and Nethersole Foundation, finished with a perfect end. The graduation ceremony of the training began with pray from Pastor Huang Baojun was held on June 23rd, Pastor Xue Lianxi delivered a speech and issued the certification of “Good Parents” to all of the trainees.
Grace Building of Gospel Rehabilitation Center Completed in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province
Baoshan Church held Thanksgiving-worship for the complement of dormitory (Grace Building) of gospel voluntary rehabilitation on March 1st, 2012.
The 1st Session of Social Service Capability Training among Sichuan Church Turned Out a Success
Social service capability training among Sichuan Church organized by CCC and Sichuan provincial CC held at Shangxiang church in Chengdu City from April 25th to April 27th. A total of 52 church leaders and layworkers who are engaged in social service participated in this training workshop, they come from 21 churches in Sichuan Province.
Love is Heart to Heart - Clothes Distribution in Liupanshui of Guizhou Province
The winter in Liupanshui of Guizhou is terribly cold and long this year. Now it is March of 2012, but it is still chilly, the love far away from Shanghai Fuyin Church and China Christian Council (CCC) makes the brothers and sisters to feel the warmth of spring in the area living with ethnic minority group.
Love in Action - a Testimony of Hospice
In 2011, CCC supported a church in Yunnan Province to conduct hospice service for the AIDS patients in order to help them while leaving the world with dignity. This article is the case record by a sister who serves them.
Dazhou Gospel Delivering Disease Prevention Training and Medical Service
From March 8th to 10th, 2012, seven doctors and nurses from Gospel Church-run Clinic came to an extremely remote Tujia Middle School in Longquan, Xuanhan. They conducted the trainings for the teachers and students on disease prevention and they also delivered medical service for them.
Nursing Training Class for Senior People held by Guangdong Christian Council

On March 2012, Guangdong Christian Council, working with Aihua Association of Hong Kong, held the opening ceremony of Nursing Training Class for Senior People in the church of Guangdong Theological Union Seminary.

An Introduction to the 2nd Street Community Health Service Station of Tongchuan, Dazhou In Sichuan Province
The 2nd Street Community Health Service Station of Tongchuan, Dazhou in Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as the health service station) is a health project started by the Dazhou City Christian Church. The service is run by both members of the community and of the church.

An Introduction to Urumqi Amity Nursing Home
Of Urumqi City’s 28 currently registered nursing homes, Amity Nursing Home is the only Christian one. Even though outwardly its facilities appear to lag behind those of other nursing homes, for four consecutive years Amity Nursing Home has gained an advanced title in city-wide civil-star ratings, thanks to its outstanding service.
China Christian Council Study of Sichuan Churches' Social Work Ministry
2011, December 11th to 17th, three co-workers from the Chinese Christian Council's Social Services Department, accompanied by Professor Chen Li of Shanghai Normal University and Professor Liu Bin-Zhi of Chongqing Normal University, traveled as one delegation to Sichuan Province, visiting the three cities of Chengdu, Luzhou, and Dazhou, and researching the social work ministries of three churches in the province.
Jingzhou Christian Council conducted HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign in World AIDS Day

2011, December 1st - As part of the global World AIDS Day, the Christian Council of JingZhou County in Hunan Province, Jingzhou County Health Bureau, and the county's Center for Disease Control jointly held the "Take Action, Towards 'Getting To Zero' AIDS" event outside the local BuBuGao Supermarket.

Spiritual Journey - Distribution of Scholarship in Dingxi
As an everyday worker in the Social Services department, I was fortunate enough to attend a grants ceremony in Dingxi Prefecture of Gansu Province. In this ceremony I personally witnessed our brothers and sisters expressing their love for God.
A Drinking Water Project has been Successfully Completed in Baihe County of Shaanxi Province
In October 2011, the drinking water project had been completed successfully and put into operation. On 3rd December 2011, staff from CCC came to Baihe County to conduct the acceptance check. During the visit, villagers were very delighted when mentioning the completion of the drinking water project.
One free medical service by Urumqi Christian Council
On September 21st 2011, Urumqi Christian Council (UCC) organized a qualified medical team to conduct medical service in Hepinglu Community of Toutunhe District. This service is supported by CCC and Singapore Bible Society.
A study tour for a primary school and church in Hunan Province
From October 17th to 19th, a delegation from CCC, Jingling Church in Shanghai, and Religious Affair Office of Hongkou District in Shanghai went to Nanyue District, Hengyang City of Hunan Province to conduct an onsite visit on a local church and Baidian Primary School.
A Witness in Fude Senior People's Home of Heilongjiang Province

As the re-establishment of Fude Senior People’s Home in Harbin City, it is quite often to see the senior people gather together for chatting, playing games, reading bibles, and sharing the testimonies in the yard, what a nice life!

Ceremony for the completion of primary school building in Nandaode Township of Shaanxi Province
In December 2009, Shanghai Community Church (SCC) through CCC decided to support the school in Nandaode Township of Shaanxi Province with 500,000 Yuan donation to rebuild school buildings. After one-year construction, it is successfully completed early in 2011. In September, CCC and SCC came to the school and attended the opening ceremony.
Quotation from the letters of sponsored students
After CCC formally launched the project to support financially-poor students, we always get generous support from our beloved brothers and sisters, their prayers make these students be confidence in their students and achieve more in their studies. In recent days, we received some appreciation letters from students from Yan’an of Shaanxi Province, let’s share their joy and gratitude.
Witness of Shanxi Christian Training Center
Shanxi Christian Training Center, located at Yuci of Shanxi Province, has been built the rudiment since 2003. But the center has not been put into use due to the fund problem. In the early 1990s, Shanxi Christian Council had a plan to open the Christian Training Center. But, in fact, the plan still is a plan, because the fund is short. Nevertheless, Shanxi Christian Council has not gave up and made the dream come true until 2009.
A Story of a Rural Woman Named Chen Yuqin
In the beginning of 2011, CCC cooperated with Gansu to carry out the integrated development project for the rural women, which focuses on their health condition, skill improvement and the awareness of self-development. This is a story of one project participant:
Love as light, love as salt, love is all around
Last year CCC funded some children who are in need, some of them wrote their innermost thoughts and feelings in the letter. Let us share what they want to say.
Spiritual Care Helps the Senior People Enjoys Wonderful Life
In the beginning of Aug 2011, the staff from Social Service department of CCC has been to Panjin City of Liaoning Province to inspect a project for senior people’s home financial supported by Nethersole Fund.
Silent Angels are Singing
Recently, Ms. Chen Yue and Mr. Paul Wang from Social Service Department of China Christian Council (CCC) went to Hunan Province to conduct a project inspection. 第一页On July 16th, 2011, we went to Qiyin deaf school which is located in a very old residential building in downtown of Changsha. Until now, school had received over 900 students, many of them had graduated. Now, there are about 100 students and 10 teachers in school now.
Poor-equipped Senior People’s Home and Warm-hearted Nurses
On July 15th, 2011, two project officers from social service department of China Christian Council (CCC) together with Pastor Fengque Liu, the General Secretary of Hubei Christian Council, went to Yichang City in Hubei Province to conduct an inspection on the equipment installment for Qingxin Senior People's Home which supported by Nethersole Fund through CCC.
God’s Love Nourishes the Souls
Walk out of the Darkest Valley to the Light
In early July, staff from China Christian Council (CCC) visited the program for caring the drug addicts and AIDS patients in Dali, and he communicated with the program partners. The program aims to care about the people living with HIV/AIDS and drug adductors through spreading the information of drug treatment, AIDS knowledge and drug control by visiting the drug addicts and AIDS patients and organizing activities, which can help them to reduce the pressure from the family and the society as well.
Staff from Social Service Department of CCC Visited the Integrated Rural Development Project in Dingxi Prefecture
On July 4, staff from Social Service Department of CCC went to Dingxi Prefecture of Gansu Province to inspect the implementation of Dingxi Integrated Rural Development Project. This project provides the women with physical examinations and functional skill training. At the same time, it helps the farmers to build water cistern according to the serious drought condition. This project enhances the development of rural people through the “hardware” and “software” activities, especially helps the rural women to improve their livelihood.
A Letter from a student Helped by CCC
The time zips by. Many years ago, they had hopeful expressions in their eyes, hoping that they could go to school as the contemporary children did. Nowadays, some of them have graduated from the high school and will soon go to college. They have been sponsored by brothers and sisters, and they are the children who can feel the love from the God. The writer of the letter is the one who graduated from the high school and will soon go to college to build his beautiful life with the love and help from brothers and sisters. From now on, there will be more and more school-less children go to school and even college with the support of brothers and sisters. Please keep your attention to them!
Yunnan Christian Council Visited Dongsa Village
Recently, the Yunnan Christian Council came to Dongsa Village, Dong Township, Zhenyuan County of Pu'er Prefecture, for site investigation and cooperation agreement signing for building a clinic at Dongsa village, which was sponsored by China Christian Council.
Joni and Friends Donated 300 Wheelchairs
Recently, Joni and Friends from America came to Harbin to donated 300 wheelchairs for the people who need. On May 26, there was a grant ceremony for the donation held at Hallelujah Church in Harbin. President of Joni and Friends, Mr. Doug Mazi, attended the ceremony and witnessed this event.
An introduction of the Yanji Christian Council and Their Social Service

Time passes by, along with the developing of YanJi, we have witnessed the city has learnt how to from nothing to everything and from small to big.



Poverty and backwardness create a hotbed of disease, ignorance and indifference to AIDS, leaving the "AIDS fear” stir up the trouble and unrest. AIDS has invaded and cruelly beaten up this already poverty place. The fear of AIDS and the discriminatory attitudes of AIDS make this group of people more vulnerable.
The third session of training on capacity building for church had been successfully held in Fuzhou of Fujian Province during April 26th to 29th
From April 26th to 29th, the last session of capacity building for church was successfully held in Fuzhou of Fujian Province, which was sponsored by the Evangelical East Asia Mission in Sweden and China Christian Council.
The Gynecological Diseases Prevention Project Starts Formally in Zhoukou of Henan Province
The project aims to help the poor women in Zhoukou of Henan to raise their awareness of preventing gynecological diseases and build up their heath. The project started on March 30th, 2011. There will be 22 activities in 11 villages in Zhoukou for this project, which would help 3,250 women to master basic medical health care knowledge. At the same time,these 3,250 women will get free checkup, and 1,000 of them will get free treatment. All the women will have a medical file after checkup or treatment which will be kept in hospital, which records the detail physical condition and will be used as document for their future heath care and treatment.  
The Dental Care Project starts on schedule
Aiming to extend the dental care information among the rural poor people and help some very poor people install man-made teeth, one dental care activity is carried out in Yanwa Church of Liangyuan District in Shangqiu City of Henan Province on March 28th ,2011, which is supported by Hong Kong Nethersole fund.
China Christian Council visits Yingjiang Earthquake Zone

On March 15th, staff from China Christian Council went to visit Yingjiang earthquake-hit areas in Dehong Daijingpo autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province. Visitors included: Pastor Yu wenliang, Pastor Shao liliang, Brother Ding biaolun from Yunnan Christian Council, and Pastor Mi Binxing of Dehong Christian Council.

Staff from China Christian Council visit to Sha’anxi to inspect Ningqiang Rehabilitation Project

The Wenchuan Earthquake also brought serious losses for Ningqiang county of Sha’anxi. China Christian Council together with Sha'anxi Christian Council decided to carry out a rehabilitation project in Ningqiang County. The project implemented last year provided: drinking water, electronic teaching equipment for Maobahe Junior and Elementary Schools. This project has now been completed.


Formal Launch of Women's Capacity Building in Gansu

This project aims to enchance women's awareness of medical care and to raise the women's status in the village by carrying out numerous related activities. In 2011, China Christian Council along with Gansu Christian Council and Anding Science and Technology Association, will provide one year of financial assistance to contribute to the comprehensive development of women's capacity in Daxiaping village of Shiquan town, Anding District, Dingxi Preferecture of Gansu Province


At least 25 people were killed after the 5.8 –magnitude earthquake in Yingjiang,Yunnan
According to the China Earthquake Networks Centre, at 12:58 p.m., on March the 10th 2011, an earthquake struck Yingjiang County in Yunnan province. The epicentre is located in Mingshi village of Pingyuan town. The Chinese seismologists said that the depth was at about 10 kilometres.
Church in Xining delivered relief materials to Yushu
At the end of this January, Gan'en Church in Xining of Qinghai Province delivered relief materials to Yushu. We all hope that those people in disaster region would keep warm during winter.
The "Gospel Hospital" Run by Luzhou Church was Re-opened in January
On January 11th, 2011, Luzhou Church in Sichuan Province held the re-opening ceremony of "Gospel Hospital".Gospel Hospital was opened in 1931 and stopped operation in 1952, then it is re-opened now.
A Delegation headed by Rev. Liu Bin from Shanghai Community Church came to Shaanxi for Project Visit
Right after the terrible earthquake on May 12th in Sichuan, Shanghai Community Church (SCC) immediately worked on the relief work against the earthquake and advocated the Christians to donate for the disaster areas. In the beginning of 2009, SCC contacted with China Christian Council (CCC) and wished to help the often-neglected disaster areas. After the communication with Shanxi Christian Council with the help of CCC, they decided to carry out the collapsing school reconstruction in Fu County, Yanan Prefecture of Shaanxi Province.
China Christian Council Donated 550 Wheelchairs to Henan Foundation for Disabled Persons
Since China Christian Council donated 1,650 wheelchairs to the Foundations for Disabled Persons in Jilin Provinces and Bayinguole Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region, it again donates 550 wheelchairs to Henan Foundation for Disabled Persons with the support of Free Wheelchair Mission on December 13th 2009.
China Christian Council Conducted Training of Trainers on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Hunan Province
On Nov. 4th to 6th 2009, China Christian Council (CCC) held the Training of Trainers (TOT) on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Jingzhou Miao Ethnic Autonomous County of Hunan Province with the technical and financial assistance from World Relief. From last year, CCC started to carry out the TOT in most prefectures of Hunan province for the backbones of church leaders and community leaders in order to have more well-equipped trainers in church and community.
China Christian Council Working with Free Wheelchair Mission Donated 1,100 Wheelchairs to Jilin Foundation for Disabled Persons
To help more poor disabled friends, after China Christian Council (CCC) donated 550 wheelchairs to the Foundation for Disabled Persons of Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Region, and it then works with Free Wheelchair Mission to donate 1,100 wheelchairs (with the value over 600,000 RMB) to Jilin Foundation for Disabled Persons (JFDP).
China Christian Council Donated 550 Wheelchairs to Luntai Disabled Persons Federation in Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region
China Christian Council (CCC) donated 550 wheelchairs to Luntai Disabled Persons Federation through Urumchi Christian Council and Disabled Persons Federation of Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture (DPFBMAP)...
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